Northwest Transportation Conference
2022 Presentation Downloads (PDF)

Monday, March 7, 1:00pm-2:30pm
1A. Transformative Technologies for a Modern Transportation System
  1. ODOT Broadband Strategy
  2. Connected Vehicle Ecosystem
  3. Over Dimension Permitting System Replacement
1B. Infrastructure - Pavement Innovation, Project QA/QC, and Wildfire Recovery
  1. Wildfire Recovery and Corridor Planning along OR State Route 224
  2. A More Sustainable Future for the Pavement Infrastructure
  3. ODOT’s Project Delivery QA/QC program: What’s the Goal and What’s Your Part?
Tuesday, March 8, 10:00am-Noon
2A. Probe Data Applications for Transportation System Operations
  1. Probe-based and Broader Crowdsourced Data Applications for Advancing Operations
  2. The New Frontier in Traffic Signal Performance with Trajectory Data
  3. Probe Data Applications for Traveler Information, Work Zone Delay, and Queue Detection
2B. Safety - Systemic Analysis and Improvements
  1. Safety benefits of the All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) program systemic curve signing and intersection project for Clackamas County
  2. Intersection Safety Analytics, StreetSimplified Pilot Study
  3. Marked Crosswalk Updates at ODOT
Tuesday, March 8, 1:00pm-2:30pm
3A. ODOT Investing for a Data Driven Decision Making Future
  1. ODOT Region 1 Before-and-After Project Analysis
  2. The use of RITIS for Transportation Analysis andMonitoring
  3. Data quality evaluation of probe-based vehicle traffic volume estimates from INRIX
  4. Oregon Travel Survey Role in Data Driven Decision Making
3B. PedBike Data and Analysis Leads to Policy
  1. Assessment of Bicycle Detection Confirmation and Countdown Devices
  2. Using Bicycle and Count Data to Support Decision Making
  3. Safety Investigations Manual (SIM) Update
Wednesday, March 9, 10:30am-Noon
4A. National Transportation System Operations Initiatives & Best Practices
  1. National Operations Center of Excellence
  2. AASHTO Transportation Operations Manual
  3. FHWA Office of Operations Initiatives
4B. New Approaches to Evaluating the State of the Transportation System
  1. Enhancing ODOT crash data through data linkage: Findings from a pilot project linking DMV, ODOT, and Emergency Medical Service data
  2. Expanding The Oregon Motor Carrier Safety Action Plan: Best Return on Investment
  3. Ensuring Consistency for Local Agency Transportation Impact Studies
Wednesday, March 9, 1:00pm-2:30pm
5A. Data Driven Performance Reporting of Pandemic Traffic Conditions
  1. COVID-19 Impacts of Vehicle Class Distribution
  2. Oregon DOT Traffic Monitoring During COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Portland Region Impacts of COVID-19 on Traffic
  4. Post Pandemic Impacts to Travel Behavior and Long Range Forecasting
5B. Transit Keeps Moving Forward
  1. GTFS-ride: A Unifying Standard for Fixed-Route Ridership Data
  2. Rose Lanes Project – Implementing Enhanced Transit Corridors in Portland
  3. Red Pavement Markings: Implementing Enhanced Transit Corridors in Portland